23 Feb 2018

AEMI: Phantom Islands

Rouzbeh Rashidi’s otherwise wordless Phantom Islands begins with a quote from Sheridan Le Fanu’s The Tenants of Malory, a…

12 Feb 2018

The Man and Woman Who Fell to Earth

Somewhere a phantom island Can be reached in phantom ships. – April in Paris (1952) One island or many?…

11 Feb 2018

Chris O’Neill Short Films

What follows was originally written as programme notes for a screening of Chris O’Neill’s films that took place at…

02 Feb 2018

L’emergere del possibile: Phantom Islands

Phantom Islands (Ireland, 2018, 86’) is the overturning of the neo-pagan occultist Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels paradigm, in which…

23 Jan 2018

Cinepaxy & Visione Sospesa: Phantom Islands

Phantom Islands (2018) – Rouzbeh Rashidi Making Cinema for Rashidi means first of all talking about Cinema, and how…

15 Jul 2017

What is the act of creation? – an interview with Hou Hsiao-hsien

Owen Brademas used to say that even random things take ideal shapes and come to us in painterly forms….