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11 Sep 2019

Mission Almost Impossible: Recommending Anime

Japanese animation most commonly referred to as ‘anime’ has come a long way from the cult status to pop…

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28 Jul 2019

Promise Of Birth: James Fotopoulos

Prolific experimental filmmaker James Fotopoulos is responsible for some of the most singular cinematic outputs over the past two…

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16 May 2019

The Fringe Experience

In theorising off-screen space, it’s easy to overlook the fact that, even when the camera is “in” the scene,…

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07 Dec 2018

Homo Sapiens Project (HSP) Vol 11-20

HSP (100) Cogito, ergo sum – the well-known philosophical proposition by René Descartes – could easily be reformulated into…

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28 Sep 2018

Homo Sapiens Project (HSP) Vol 1-10

Volume 1 Encapsulated in heavy, bone-chillingly gloomy drones, the first offering in the long, ‘ongoing series of varied short…

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02 Sep 2018

In Search of Scorpion’s Stone

If peacocks are bathed in light and strawberries are doubtlessly fresh, is it possible for a shadow to fit…

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08 May 2018

The Metamorphic Portrait of Jann Clavadetscher

After recently watching the masterful conclusion of Jean Cocteau’s Orphic Trilogy, Testament of Orpheus (originally Le testament d’Orphée, 1960),…

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30 Apr 2018

At One Fell Swoop I Dreamed Myself into Drifting Cities

When it comes to the cine-offerings of multidisciplinary artist and, according to Donal Foreman, the Vagabond of Experimental Film…

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24 Apr 2018

Dreamplosion Inside the Cloud of Skin

Dreamplosion /driːmˈpləʊʒən/ [noun] A series of thoughts, images, and sensations collapsing violently inwards in a person’s mind during the…

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17 Apr 2018

Atoosa Pour Hosseini: The Art of Memory Weaving

Iranian-born, Dublin-based visual and performing artist Atoosa Pour Hosseini could be called ‘a memory weaver’ of the Experimental Film…

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